X Box one X DTS to Dolby

  • 7 November 2017
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I personally CAN CONFIRM that X Box One X, set with HDMI to TV and Optical to BOSE SOLO 5 (same Dolby Digital only support as Sonos) CAN TRANSCODE DTS TO DD 5.1 in The fly.
I tried
Audio option HDMI Bitstream
Bitstream DD 5.1
Deadpool Blu ray that has only DTS OST
X Box trough HDMI to TV
TV via optical to soundbar
TV LG OLED B6V that has 5.1 passtrough
All OK.

As a counter proof I set Bitstream to DTS and resulting audio was mute.

This is X Box one X but S is The same.

Hope this can help

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28 replies

Except that most bluray players don't put out a Dolby Digital signal. The majority of them (along with the discs) are in DTS, not Dolby Digital. There's a huge thread somewhere around here about bluray players that translate from DTS to Dolby Digital. There are some (albeit few) bluray discs that include a Dolby Digital signal, but generally you have to select it specifically when you put the disc in.
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Hi, Airgetlam... I've since learned that after searching these forums and Googling same. In all instances, Samsung struck out thus, Dolby being grayed out on my TV. I suppose my inexpensive fix would be to buy a SONY BluRay and that's not so bad. I'd just lose the AnyNet integration between the BluRay and the TV. Big deal. Strange that I just expected all the pieces and parts to work harmoniously back in 2014 when I bought the TV and BluRay and, in 2015 when I bought the SONOS pieces. I guess that's what I got for thinking or, more accurately, not thinking. 😉 What do you think when I add the Xbox One S? Do you think the DVI port will handle that or, will I have to switch to the TV's internal speaker to circumvent a similar issue? I also went into Best Buy this past Saturday and talked to their Magnolia Hi-Fi dudes. They've not had issues with "recent" Samsung/SONOS combinations but then again, he told me that my particular Samsung TV was considered low-end and old. 🙂
Unfortunately, I'm not an expert like others in this thread are on the X-Box, so I can't answer your question.

I can, however, assure you that most times you talk to anyone at a Best Buy, they have no ideal what they're talking about. Always do you own research. I suppose the Magnolia guys may have more training than the average blue shirt, but who knows.

Best of luck.