X Box one X DTS to Dolby

  • 7 November 2017
  • 28 replies

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28 replies

Except that most bluray players don't put out a Dolby Digital signal. The majority of them (along with the discs) are in DTS, not Dolby Digital. There's a huge thread somewhere around here about bluray players that translate from DTS to Dolby Digital. There are some (albeit few) bluray discs that include a Dolby Digital signal, but generally you have to select it specifically when you put the disc in.
Hi, Airgetlam... I've since learned that after searching these forums and Googling same. In all instances, Samsung struck out thus, Dolby being grayed out on my TV. I suppose my inexpensive fix would be to buy a SONY BluRay and that's not so bad. I'd just lose the AnyNet integration between the BluRay and the TV. Big deal. Strange that I just expected all the pieces and parts to work harmoniously back in 2014 when I bought the TV and BluRay and, in 2015 when I bought the SONOS pieces. I guess that's what I got for thinking or, more accurately, not thinking. 😉 What do you think when I add the Xbox One S? Do you think the DVI port will handle that or, will I have to switch to the TV's internal speaker to circumvent a similar issue? I also went into Best Buy this past Saturday and talked to their Magnolia Hi-Fi dudes. They've not had issues with "recent" Samsung/SONOS combinations but then again, he told me that my particular Samsung TV was considered low-end and old. 🙂
Unfortunately, I'm not an expert like others in this thread are on the X-Box, so I can't answer your question.

I can, however, assure you that most times you talk to anyone at a Best Buy, they have no ideal what they're talking about. Always do you own research. I suppose the Magnolia guys may have more training than the average blue shirt, but who knows.

Best of luck.