Would love to be able to hookup the Five to a TV

We’ve got a Frame TV, so the whole idea is that the TV is more or less camouflaged on the wall by a frame and other artwork. The sound on the TV is fine, but I would love to be able to use the Five speaker in conjunction with the TV sound. 

Unfortunately the Five would require another sound bar first, as it doesn’t have enough connection options on the unit. 

Does anyone else have workarounds? Or also have this use-case where they’d like more ways to connect the Five?

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Worth noting, I got really excited about the release of the Ray, but then checked the specs to find out that it’s still too long to fit in the media media console we have. I need the center channel to be the same width as the Five in order to hide it properly. 

If you were able to wire the TV to the Fives line-in port, you would undoubtedly experience a delay in the audio output due to the buffering of the stereo audio.. so it would play out of sync with your TV speaker output anyway and create an echo in the room.

The option you may have, due to the media console limited space/width mentioned, is to perhaps use the Sonos Amp connected either to the TV HDMI-ARC or Optical port and use two 3rd party ‘passive’ 8ohm speakers for the front channels, which provide a phantom center. Then add a second Five and create a ‘bonded’ 4.0 Home Theatre setup with the two Fives as rear surrounds - all will play in sync and all can output stereo music too when the setup is set to ‘Full’ audio output for that audio source.

A little further down the road you could also add a Sonos Sub, or two.

Unfortunately, Sonos does not have any speaker that can function as a center channel speaker, nor do they have a software solution that can push front channels from a surround signal to disparate speakers.