Wireless receiver for 3rd party subwoofer.

  • 10 August 2019
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Why is it that Sonos dont make a wireless receiver fo 3rd party subwoofer? I would like to buy the sonos beam, but i cannot use my existing subwoofer. I hope they make a wireless receiver for 3rd paty subwoofer

11 replies

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Why would they do that? So you do NOT buy their sub? I don't see the business model for this idea.
Many in the Sonos community are asking in using 3rd party subwoofer. Buying a Sonos Beam and using their sub is not practical coz it is expensive. They should have made there playbar, playbase and beam with a subwoofer out.
Isn't Sonos in business to make money for their shareholders?
If I live to be a thousand I will never see this.
All business is to make money for their shateholder and the consumer is always the losers. Sonos has release 3 soundbars and soundbase and still they have not see what the consumer needs, in the Sonos beam they should have provided a subwoofer out, but they did not. That why i telling them to release a wireless receiver for 3rd party subwoofer.
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Not sure why all the hate on this idea. I've wondered the same thing as the OP. Something like a Connect, but with only one output, no controls, and perma-bonded to another component, specifically for third party subwoofers.

I doubt it will happen but I can see the attraction for a lot of people.
No hate, just not sure I see financial viability in producing a lower cost item to reduce sales of a higher cost item. The volume would need to be substantial in order to make up for the lost profit % made on the sales of the SUB at a higher price point.

It makes great sense from a (perceived) small set of users, to be sure, but likely not from a corporate sales perspective.
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I'm not sure it would reduce sales of the Sub. I suspect there are many people out there who think the Sonos Sub is too expensive, especially if they already have a sub available. In other words, those people who would not buy a Sonos Sub might be more likely to buy a receiver. But, you're right, that's probably a fairly small group of people in the grand scheme of things.
Could be. I don’t know either, but I bet Sonos pays someone to generate data around that 😉
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The Sonos amp does have a sub out for 3rd party. Not exactly what you're looking for, and won't save you as much money as you hope.

I imagine part of the reason Sonos doesn't make a sub out with their soundbars is that have little control over the audio of the sub and wouldn't be able to use trueplay or generally make it sound as good. And sure, it would hurt sales of the sub. I would bet we'll see a cheaper version of the sub before we see a sub out option Or perhaps Sonos will just give the sub a cosmetic makeover, and cut the price a bit to boost sales. They haven't done that though, so perhaps sub sales are just fine.
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Looking for something that would work with Playbase/Playbar/Beam/One/Play:5. I already have a sub from before but can't use it with my Playbase.

I have zero expectation that Sonos would make this happen. Just wishful thinking.