Will neighbour be disturbed by bass on playbase?

  • 16 April 2017
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So I purchased the playbase on day of release. Absolutely love it but I do have a slight concern. I previously had a sound bar with a separate sub. Because I watch most of my stuff late at night I would just leave the subwoofer off. But now with the playbase that isn't possible. Even with night mode on and the bass set to lowest.. there is still a definite 'punch' to sound. I'm just wondering how far this 'thump' travels though a big wooden tv stand, floorboards, a small gap then concrete. I hear the guy downstairs something's walking about and yelling at his cats and he must hear my floorboards freak if I can hear his..

Why haven't I approached him? Because he's mental. I try to keep interactions to a minimum. He keeps himself to himself though.

I'm hopeful he doesn't hear any thumping but was curious

Thanks for any info on this

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6 replies

It is hard to say; bass sound frequencies penetrate and go a long way. That said, I doubt that those from a play base would intrude through concrete, but in that kind of construction why do floorboards creak?
The building was built in '75. The floorboards are on wooden beams. When I first moved in there was a hole in the floorboard. Underneath there is a gap of a few inches then what looks like concrete. I'm not sure why it's designed this way. But yeah, floorboards are what I'm walking on (carpeted) and they creak in certain places.
Understood; but I doubt that the bass will penetrate the concrete, if present. Even if it is just from a playbase played normally. Even with a Sub added, for music you should be ok although there could be trouble with loud effects in movies.

That said, not being familiar with that kind of construction, I doubt that there is a concrete separator between the two floors. If missing, then exercising the kind of caution you are seems to be a good idea!
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Keep it in night mode and have the bass low, you will still get nice low clear sound without the boom.
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Have a chat with your neighbour and ask if he is being disturbed.
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I have a Playbar with no sub, along with two Play:1's... I've found myself watching stuff or listening to music at 11:00p or midnight and I've never heard any complaints from my downstairs neighbor... and there definitely isn't concrete between our floors. I even stayed up late one Saturday night to watch an F1 race at 1:30a once.