Will my ARC fit on my TV Stand

  • 3 November 2022
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Afternoon all, first time posting and could use some help please. 

In advance of moving into a new build house, I bought the home theatre system from SONOS including the ARC, Play 1’s and Sub. Honestly cannot wait to get them set up. 

As part of this I have purchased a Samsung QN90B 85inch TV which will be paired with the SONOS system. 

My wife purchased a TV unit which has also arrived, she wanted to pick the decor hence I gave her requirements for width etc on the TV and she has purchased a Next Bronx 2m Superwide stand, so far so good. 

That was until I looked at the depth of the TV stand combined with the depth of the ARC. I may have made a reasonably large error. The stand for the TV is a centre stand, 43cm wide to support the TV’s 40-odd kg weight.

The tv stand depth is 40cm, the TV Stand is 36.5cm and the ARC is 11.5cm deep which means the ARC will have to sit over the stand. 

My question is - can this work? Does the ARC have feet on it that would mean it would sit over the stand? Or enough clearance that would mean it would sit over the stand?

Samsung doesn’t state how thick the stand it but I estimate 2-3cm thick. Are there feet you can buy for the ARC worst case scenario? 

Because we purchased all of this in anticipation of moving in two weeks ago (builders delayed) none of this is returnable so if I have made an error I’ll hold my hands up, but I’m hoping there is something I can do. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance. 

5 replies

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I had to look up the picture of the Samsung TV to get an idea of what you mean. I can understand now why you are asking your question here. 
Probably it won’t fit, because the feet of the arc are not high enough. You can put something under the feet of the arc, so it will fit over the tv stand, but then the question is, will the arc block the bottom part of the tv?

Another option is to wall mount the tv so you don’t need to use the tv stand. Then you can put the arc under the tv. Or even wall mount the arc as well. 

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I bought some Arc stands off Amazon, overpriced and poor quality.

I’d make my own feet for the Arc, or make a stand that used the wall bracket mounting holes to attach to it.


Afternoon guys and thanks for the responses. I had actually tried to look for stands and came up with nothing.

I done the sums on raising the ARC up a little to go over stand and it will go over the TV screen by 1-2cm so it might actually be ok. 

Wall mounting wasn’t my first choice due to the size of the TV however my setup is pushing me more and more towards wall mounting. 

Again, really appreciated guys thank you. 

Heh. In the past, I’ve used IKEA LACK bookshelves (un-mounted) under the TV set to raise it over the PLAYBAR or Arc. I’ve recently worked with a friend to make little wooden ‘pucks’ that the feet of my TV’s sit on.

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I went with this Sanus


they have a slightly larger one