will 5.1 Dolby pass through to the playbar

  • 2 February 2017
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Hi all, while researching sonos before my purchase of home theater. I saw some info that some TV's can not pass through 5.1 surround. I didn't expect that to be a problem with my new Samsung 4K. Upon checking with Samsung it appears that there TV's will not pass through 5.1 surround to the playbar. can this be ? any Samsung owners care to tackle this one ?

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3 replies

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Hi Juventas, we talked via DM for a bit, but most of the Samsung 4K TVs will pass Dolby Digital on Optical. You can find a great listing here of TVs that pass through.
Hi Ryan. Quick question on that the Samsungs listed for Dolby Digital. I see the KS8000 55" is confirmed but the 49" of the same model is not listed. The audio specs are the same according to the samsung site, so I'm hoping the 49" is good to go but wanted to check on any insights either way. Appreciate it.
Hi. My brand new 49KS7000 is working good. So will the KS8000.