Wifi connection to TV

  • 26 November 2019
  • 3 replies

Am In able to connect my Samsung OLED TV to my Sonos connect system via wifi, the sound of the TV isnt that great. My sono’s speakers are inbuilt into the ceiling of my flat with the sono’s system itself in the utility room far from the living room where the TV is, so am unable to connect it via cable. 


Any info will be greatly appreciated.  

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3 replies

Unfortunately, in order to connect a TV to a Sonos system, there is a requirement for a wire of some type, the type depending on which Sonos device you’re using to accept the signal. For instance, the Sonos CONNECT:AMP was not designed to be part of a TV system, it only has an analog input, which has a minimum delay of 75ms. The replacent Sonos Amp includes a digital input in the form of an HDMI-ARC port as well as the ability to decode Dolby Digital. It’s not clear from your post which you have.



@NellyNeo, I don’t know which components you have, but you’ll either have to get yourself a Beam, Playbar (I have a Playbar in my bedroom. It uses the HDMI to connect to the TV and the WiFi) or a connect/port (if you want to use audio system you already have, such as powered speakers or a receiver. I actually did this in my living room. I have a ZP80 (older version of the connect) which connects to my JVC receiver with Bose speakers. The receiver is connected to my TV via HDMI) or the Sonos amp, in order to connect to non-powered speakers you may already have to your TV. Once you have connected the TV to any Sonos device though, the audio can be heard through as many Sonos sound enabled speakers, just by adding the connected speakers to the Sonos group playing the TV audio.


Hope this helps.

Thanks @lasnite @Airgetlam for your replies. looks like I may have to buy a soundbar.