White Arc with Black Power Cord?

  • 2 March 2022
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Recently got the Arc after many months of waiting. I needed the white so when it goes up on my mantle it blends in with all the painted mantle and wood work behind it. Opening the box I found that it has a black power cord!?!?

Most people that order white are doing it to blend in to a brighter/lighter background, so a white power cord makes complete sense. 

All of my Sonos Play 1 and Ones have white as does my white Sonos Bass.

Now I have to buy a white power cord, and haven’t been able to setup my Arc that I’ve been waiting to buy for so many months…

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5 replies

Why not set it up with the Black cord while you wait for the white?

I have to take my 65” TV off the wall that is above my fire place and mantle. While the TV setup is great and very clean, it is a pain to take down and given the hearth at the fireplace and all the other risks of dropping the TV, I only want to do it once.

Just received my Sonos arc as well - and have the same question: Why a black power cord with the white arc?! Is this correct, or was I sent the wrong cord? I don’t see why we should have to pay for a different color, if available, if it was actually available at time of shipping.

Same issue!

Should be a white power cord with the arc, I purchased white ERA 100’s and they all came with a white power cord. I spoke to Sonus technical support and they informed me there was no error and this is what the designers decided was the most appropriate colour for this product!

Someone needs to tell the designers they got it wrong and supply the “obvious” white power cord required free of charge to the many unhappy customers!

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Better than an ugly cord: 10ft - 1/4 inch Braided Self-Wrapping Split Wire Loom