where to place soundbar when upside down seems to be the only option

  • 20 April 2015
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I have a TV on the wall with a fireplace below it and a soffit above it. There really isn't room to mount it on the wall above or below without having the speakers fire directly into the wall or floor (see image below). So I wanted to hang the playbar upside down under the soffit as seen in the image. This actually points the speakers right at the listening area and seems to be the best option. But, it seems that the R/L channels might be incorrect if this is done? Is that still the case? Will SONOS add an over write feature to hard code what is right and left to the PB? Is there any other options here? For other people that have ceiling mounted the PB, did you use the standard wall mount or did you do something different to make sure it was secure? Thanks for the help!

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