Where to place my Sonos speakers?

  • 12 October 2016
  • 2 replies

I have recently bought two Play1 speakers and am now looking for the best setup of my Sonos system. I have a Playbar (below my TV), two Play:1s and two Play:5s. My plan is to mount two speakers on the wall were my TV is located (left and right from the Playbar) and remaining two on the wall on the other side of the room (around 3,5m behind the “listener”). The speakers will be mounted relatively high on the wall and I plan to use Flexson wallmounts so I can “aim” them a bit down.
Would you advise me to place the Play:1’s next to the TV in a stereo setup or use the Play:5’s for that?.
The living room is around 4 meters wide and 7,5 long with the TV located on the small part and the sitting area located roughly in the top half of the room only.

Al tips about placement or wall mounting are welcome.

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2 replies

Use the play 1 units at the rear, for surround sound, in bonded to play bar mode, and use the 5 units flanking the TV, placed so that the listening area and the two speakers are an approximate equilateral triangle, and use these for music play bonded as a stereo pair.

If placed high, aiming towards the listening area is important. That said, go only as high as is absolutely essential.
And don't expect to be able to use the front stereo speakers for TV alongside the Playbar.