When was the last time your speaker die?

  • 19 September 2023
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I have a Beam for coming up 3 years. It was working okay, the next minute just stopped playing and powered off. DIE. I tried different outlets and factory reset but nothing worked.


I reached out to the customer service. They offered a 30% discount for the next purchase. Is that the best Sonos can do? is that the service you expect from Sonos?

5 replies

Yes, that’s the experience I expect from any electronic computer maker. Sonos is essentially the same as Apple, Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, etc in offering a generous, yet not overly ambitious guaranty. And most of those other companies won’t give you that 30% after their guarantee has expired.

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Sonos is very clear about the one year warranty, the offer of 30% off is a good deal.

If you require a longer warranty one is available from Sonos or you could use another provider.


Another option is to purchase from a seller that offers their own warranty program, several do.

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That said, none of mine bought in 2014 have died! It is not common for them to.

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My roam found dead after vacation two weeks ago. Last day before go away everything ok, as soon as came back I wasn't able to turn it on no more. Strange thing I left roam turned off away from charging pad.

Fortunately it was still in the last month of 2 year warranty and Sonos replaced me very quickly.