what is better pcm2.0 or DTS 5.1

  • 18 December 2022
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Good evening
I have a beam sound bar connected to the HDMI arc port on the TV 
The sonos application says DTS 5.1 but if I choose Pcm 2.0 on the TV I get this format
Which is better?


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3 replies

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Depends what you call “better”. PCM 2.0 is an uncompressed stereo 2-channel audio signal. DTS 5.1 has 3 front channels of audio plus 2 rear surround channels and a sub channel. 


When you use a beam and two sonos one as surround speakers you need to be in 5.1 for better sound quality?

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If you want the surrounds to play surround, yes. The 2.0 in PCM 2.0 are just front left and front right. The 5.1 is FR-center-FL and surrounds (plus a Sub).