Volume Levels between TV and Spotify (LOUD on Spotify / Quiet on TV)

  • 14 March 2022
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Okay, Im sure this question has been asked before but i cant seem to find a fix/answer at all only somebody saying to set a volume limit (which wont work in this case and ill explain why later on)


My Setup: 2 Sonos One speakers either side of our sofa and 2 sonos in-ceiling speakers connected directly to the sonos amp which is connected to my Samsung 75” smart TV using ARC-HDMI


Volume levels for following scenario:  1/10 is really quite  and 10/10 is really loud


Scenario: Watching TV volume at 5/10 everything is fine. Turn tv off and cook dinner. Ask Alexa to play a song on Spotify on the Sonos ONE (have grouped them so they also play through the ceiling speakers). Volume is now 10/10 and neighbour can hear my music just as well as I can. Volume is so loud it almost punctures your ear drums. Turn the volume down to 5/10 to listen to music during dinner. After dinner you turn the TV on to watch a film and the volume is 1/10 and you cant hear a thing so you turn it up to 5/10 again and next time you switch to Spotify its 10/10 again and your neighbours banging the door down for the 5th time that day.


There just has to be something/someway to stabilise the volume between sources and not have to resort to manually turning the volume down pre-emptively.


If i set a volume limit all is well and good until i then want to watch TV as the volume limit is then set to low to hear the TV (yet Spotify is perfectly fine volume).


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Hi @cubeuser10999 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

I recommend you get in touch with our technical support team, who have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system, and what it reports about the cause of the volume changes (it’s all logged).

I hope you find a resolution.


exactly the same issue on a LG C9 with a beam and sub 


A little frustrated over this, I’ve tried chat support and told to call back because they can’t help.


Searching the web I find similar complaints and no solution. bit worried I’ve wasted money on this product atm.

Any solution to this massive flaw in the system? I have the exact same issue