Using the beam2 without wifi or internet

  • 17 March 2023
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For starters, the soundbar itself sounds good. That was the main reason I went for this soundbar, the sound quality has high reviews. I was able to listen to one in person before purchasing it and it sounded good to me.

I got home and set it up and was extremely confused after plugging in power and signal and didn't have a working speaker like i've done for the last 30 years of my life. I had to make a sonos account, install an app and enable bluetooth, location, and microphone access to this app, and I needed to connect the beam to my wifi. All just to use a hardwired speaker that has a direct signal being fed to it via the optical to hdmi adapter that was included. Why is all this necessary just to use the speaker with a hardwired signal? I can use a smart tv without ever connecting it to the internet, just give it a signal and it works.

Can I disconnect the beam from my wifi? Can I remove the app on my phone and still have a working speaker? If the answer is no then i'm likely returning this speaker, it makes no sense to me

4 replies

Return it.  You wanted a dumb speaker and bought a smart one.  Lesson learned.

thanks, i’m surprised a smart speaker isn’t capable of playing dumb for some users.

I did boot it from my wifi and removed the app and it appears to be working still, we’ll see if it eventually breaks

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It’ll work until you reset it. Why did you buy an expensive speaker, meant to be part of a wifi multiroom audio system when you do not want to use multiroom nor wifi?

Because it has great reviews for sound quality in the all-in-one compact soundbar category