Using EU units in the US?

  • 26 July 2013
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Hello! We have purchased many Sonos products while living in the EU. We are moving back to the US soon, can we buy replacement cords for the units that have detachable cords? can we just use a plug adaptor for the rest? We have Play:5's, the small ones, the playbar, the bridge... Would be great if we can confirm we can use it all in the US. We love our Sonos! Thank you!

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4 replies

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Hi, I have buy some unit in US and it works well in Europe. I didn't try you travel direction. In Europe, I just replace my cords, and it works perfectly.
See this link for information on Power requirements and locale information: Note that the cords used by Sonos are standard "figure-8" power cords, available at hardware stores and/or online retailers. For example:
Hi, I'm considering buying a Sonos:5 in Europe, but only if it works without a step-up transformer in the U.S. Sonos staff Gunnar J. mentioned where to buy replacement power cables, but he doesn't state unequivocally that this will actually work without damaging the equipment. (jgatie refers to a broken link). Can anyone re-confirm that EU units can be used in the U.S. by only replacing the power cable?
Yes, differently terminated cables or plug adapters are all that is needed, the units all work from 240 to 110 volts. And only the Connect Amp has a switch at the back that needs to be correctly set first based on the mains voltage; all other units don't need even this to be done.