Using a BEAM to send projector sound to second beam

  • 17 August 2022
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I have  a Beam (gen1) under my TV, i also have projector which is near the sofa. Without running a long spdif cable to the beam there is no other way to get sound to come out of the the beam from the projector. 


if i were to buy a second beam and place it under the projector and connect it using the spdif cable. Then using the app to group the beam under the projector with the beam under the TV. will i still get 5.1?

i know this is a long way around but will it work? 

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2 replies

In the proposed group the Beam under the TV would only receive stereo, and the sound would also be delayed by 75ms. The same would apply with any other Sonos unit using a Line-In to connect to the projector, such as a Port. Not a satisfactory solution.

For 5.1 you’d need to find another way to get the optical directly from the projector to the TV’s Beam. A long optical cable could be troublesome, but there are extender kits available which encode the signal onto a spare Cat5/6 cable.

Note that if you’re going to use optical from the projector into the TV’s Beam you’d also want to use optical from the TV itself, through an optical switch, to avoid frequent plugging/unplugging of the HDMIs. This means the TV wouldn’t be able to control the Beam using HDMI-CEC, so volume adjustments would be by infra-red remote.

What’s your source when watching with the projector?  AppleTV, cablebox, blueray player, apps on the projector?