use amp to power rear speakers

  • 13 October 2019
  • 3 replies

Im looking to set up my home cinema. Can I use my amp to power two rear surround speakers and a third party subwoofer, while using two “Ones” for the front left/right? Or a play5 for the front?



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3 replies

No, not really.

Sonos doesn’t support the concept of surround sound and using separate Sonos speakers as front speakers.

There are basically two options: a Sonos soundbar, which have front left, center, and right in a single enclosure, os a Sonos Amp, which powers two speakers of your choice that are not Sonos as the front speakers, and creates a “phantom” center speaker.

These are the only two ways to get a Dolby Digital signal into the Sonos ecosystem.

One additional point, if you choose to use a Sonos Amp or CONNECT:AMP ( recently discontinued, but still available and supported by software) as a device to power your own rear speakers, the sub output is turned off on those devices.
Ah ok thanks Bruce,

my issue is I am using a projector for Video and therefor all wiring/hub is behind where I sit, so ideally looking for a setup in which the front speakers are wireless.

Was hoping I could keep HDMI projector to AV receiver behind me, and utilise the sonos amp to be the hub and run rears, with some movable front speakers that ate completely wireless and dont need any wired feed from projector.


Understood. So far, Sonos doesn’t support that configuration, but who knows what the future holds.

If you find a system that does, it would be educational for many if you were to come back and let us know.