TV using a new Beam 2 / PC using an old Playbar

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I've got a Playbar connected to my TV paired with 2 Play 1s as surround (no sub) 

My PC used to be connected to a half decent Sony surround amp via toslink with 5.0 speakers. Only I wasn't using it - I was using headphones through a USB DAC 99% of the time. I've also got 2x Play 1s in my study for music.

I think I still want my PC to have speakers, so I'm thinking.…

I've got my upgrade discount to use. I could replace the Playbar connected to the TV with a Beam gen 2. I can't see how I can justify (room size?) or really afford (wife) an Arc.

I then use the playbar toslinked to my PC. It can also replace to 2 x play 1s, which are then spare.

Any downsides?? How much of a downgrade / upgrade will a beam be compared to the playbar? 

That leaves me with some spares.... 

How steam proof are Play 1s??  I've got a "spare" play 5 that I use around the bathroom (not in) and I kind of think a pair of 1s on the floor in the bathroom might be better? (obviously I could use the play 1s as surround speakers for my PC - but given the lack of use the old system had...) 

Then need to figure out what to do with the play 5... And my amp and surround speakers. Sell it? Sell my move too? Get a couple of Roams? Meh. Its a bit of a bitty, mismatched setup. 


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I replaced my Playbar with a Beam Gen 1, when they first came out. The main thing I noticed was the smaller “Sound stage” from the Beam beyond that I was very happy with the set up.


having said that, I do not really listen to music in the living room to really take advantage or notice the wider left right separation.


I had no regrets doing it, I could have moved the Playbar back at any stage, but didn’t and used it like this for years until I replaced it with an Arc and used the Beam as my Mac speaker.


one question, is there a reason you would not use the Play 1’s as rears for the Beam? As you do with the Playbar now?



Sorry, missed the part about already having Play 1’s in your study. Makes complete sense now.

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Sorry, probably wasn't clear, I do have 2 Play 1s as surrounds with the TV, as well as 2 play 1s in my study. 

The beam gen 2 could obviously also be used as my PC speaker - I think?? Without delay?? But seems a waste to use the far more modern spec'd speaker in a less used area?

Good you had no regrets! That's kind of what I was hoping to hear! Do you have a sub?

And how are you finding the Arc compared to both? Just because I might be struggling to justify it, doesn't mean I won't force myself... 😂

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Yes, I have a Sub and Play 1’s for surrounds since the Playbar, then Beam, then Arc.


Arc is a big beast, coming from a Beam…. I really like it for TV and movies.


Personally I think I prefer Playbar or Beam for music…. But I rarely listen to Music properly in that room. It’s not that Arc is bad, I just personally think the sound signature is better suited to Movies and TV.


I just think it is probably my taste and what I was used to.


But as I use it for TV and Movies, it is great for that… love it!


Regarding using the Playbar connected to the PC, I can’t see it being an issue. I used a Beam Gen 1 for years connected to an old Mac Mini (2012) and it worked great.

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Brilliant, thanks! Interesting feedback in the beam for music actually, it's definitely a factor for this speaker (though not the main use obviously) 

Now given I don't have a sub, am I going to see any substantial difference between the beam and arc? 

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I would say more volume, wider soundstage and definition on the Arc

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Well that’s a Beam ordered (and a Roam - will see how that compares to the Move / Play 1s).

I was seriously swaying over an Arc, but we’ve got a 45” TV (I probably should have said that at some point) and the customer reviews (and you BMF!) said it was big so I think it would have dwarfed the telly!  Maybe I’ll put that money towards a Sub one day.

But also, I’ve got the 100 day money back guarantee to play with - can always upgrade if I’m finding it’s not right!

Now to see how the Playbar gets on with my PC!

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Hope you enjoy them.


And yes, I do think an Arc would look too big in front of a 45” TV. Ours is a 55” and the TV is only 7CM in total wider.