TV Stand bigger than Playbase

  • 3 May 2017
  • 1 reply

My Samsung UN65HU9000F's stand has a slightly wider base than the playbase dimensions. The depth will not be an issue but in the front bottom corner will be off 1/5 inch. Also 5.5" behind the front of the base will have 1.32" hanging off each side.

Without buying one and returning it, does anyone have experience where their TV stand is slightly too big in a few spots? I want it to look clean, especially with investment.



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1 reply

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I had the same issue when I bought my second Playbase. Samsung TV, only 40 inches, but base extended in front to about 30 inches so hangs off the end of the Playbase. Does it look horrible? No....but I didn't like it. For such good looking tech it bugged me. Gave the TV away and bought a new one with a base that just fits the outer dimension of the Playbase (another Samsung). You could buy a new generic base (search Amazon) that have a smaller footprint for setting on top of the speaker. They won't look as nice as the Samsung stand but will work. You could try the TV stand they sell on here (also sold other places) that has you sit the Playbase on the base of the stand, but's it's pricey. It's also rather large, but I'm sure it's functional.