TV remote for grouped devices issue

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When I group a Connect AMP and Playbar (which is connected to a TV), I can't control the volume using the TV's remote as a group, it only adjusts the volume of the play bar. This means I have to reset the balance of the speakers within the group everytime someone adjusts the volume using the TV remote. This is a real pain. Is there a way the group volume can be controlled by the TV remote?

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This makes perfect sense. The software should allow one to group a Player with other Sonos products (In my case, Connect:Amp) and allow the TV remote to control the entire group. It is simply an option that users should be able to choose. For those that do not want to use the system that way, they can simply not group them. What is so hard about this?
Please provide this functionality as it is extremely annoying to constantly have to fix the volume being out of sync in my grouped products because my wife used the tv remote