TV Autoplay does not work after using Airplay on the Ray.

I am using TV Autoplay (Line in) from my laptop to my Sonos Ray. This works great for PC music, video calls, etc.. When I connect to the same Ray over Airplay, this also works great. The problem is that when I go back to my laptop, nothing plays on the Ray until I open the Sonos App and retoggle TV Autoplay off and back on. Then audio from my laptop works again. However, I don’t want to have to access the Sonos app to toggle autoplay everytime I use Airplay. I might as well avoid Airplay.  How do I get Autoplay to work after having used Airplay?


Best answer by Ken_Griffiths 8 July 2022, 02:06

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AutoPlay should kick in when the Ray starts receiving a “new/start” of a signal from the optical port. If there’s been a continuous signal there, it wouldn’t recognize a “start” event, when you switched back from AirPlay 2. 

However, it’s possible that there’s something odd going on in the software, as well. Wouldn’t hurt to unplug the Ray from power for a minute, then plug it back in, and see if it clears up (if the above it not true).


It will need a ‘new start’ of the TV/PC A/V source - a quick start/stop of the playing audio might do it as mentioned by Bruce, or select the TV icon at the foot of the ‘Browse’/‘Music Services’ Tab in the Sonos App… or, if using ‘Alexa’ or Sonos Voice Control on other products available, then the audio can be switched to TV mode using voice-instruction too… 


“Hey Sonos, switch to TV mode on the [Ray Room]” … See LINK

“Alexa, switch to TV mode on the [Ray Room]” … (Requires the Sonos Skill installed in the Alexa App)