Turntable through tv and playbar

  • 4 August 2017
  • 5 replies

Hi - I don't have a sonos playbar yet - but am looking for advice on getting one. Can I route my turntable through my preamp to the tv and then have the sound through the playbar - if so - does the TV need to be on to do this - or will the audio pass through?

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5 replies

Ummm, sound odd. Does your TV has an analog input? If so, yes, the TV must be on and tuned to that input for the sound to go to the Playbar.
Forget putting the sound through TV. Get an analogue to digital converter and route the optical from that and from the TV into an optical switch, then optical from the switch to the Playbar.



I'm assuming RCA analogue from preamp.
Yes tv had analogue input, pre amp has rca outputs
Please forget the TV input. That is not the way to go
Ok so general comcensus is to get analogue to digital converter and an digital switcher - and bypass putting the turntable through the tv completely. Thanks for the guidance.