Turn off Sonos Beam

  • 29 December 2019
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Is there really no way to turn off the Beam without unplugging it and then having to set it up again?  Is it sucking power/energy when it isn’t in use?


I just bought the Beam but will return it if the answer to this  - it can’t be switched off and is drawing energy when not in use.  What kind of product manufacturer designs something without an on/off button?!?

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3 replies

The Beam usually sits in standby and uses approximately 6w when idle. You can switch it off if you wish, but like TV’s/Mobiles etc; the device is meant to be used in standby mode. You do not have to set it up again. You just have to wait for it to startup, similar to a mobile phone/tablet, or computer.


Sonos kit is meant to run in standby mode. As Ken says, you can turn it off, but you’ll have to wait whilst it re-initialises - the queue on the device is also deleted, so you’d have to set that up again, as well…..

There’s lots of kit these days that doesn’t have an on/off button - and many of those that do go into a standby mode, rather than physically disconnecting from the mains.

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I’m pretty sure the same applies for Bose soundbars: no on/off power button as they are designed to be “Always On” in a standby, ready-to-use mode when not in use.