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How do I get the surroundsound to work on my System? Everything is hooked up to my Samsung 68 inch and the Play bar works fine, but I get practically no music or movie sound out of the play speakers. 

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OK..need more informaton:

What speakers are being used with the Playbar?  

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Are the rear speakers set up in the same “room” in the Sonos app? Are they set to “full” for music playback? Is your TV set to supply surround to the Playbar?

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Your system is dependent on the program format the broadcasters send. If they only send a stereo or DD 2.0 signal, there is no effects/surround data to play. Even a 5.1 program only has effects from the rear speakers: most of the action and dialogue is going on in front of you, so sound will come from your Playbar. 
If you’re listening to a music station on your tv, the same applies: if it’s only broadcast in stereo, there’s no signal for the surrounds to play. 

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set to full for music, this will tell you surrounds are working ok

The surround distance from seating position can also be changed

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Hmmm …15 hrs and no reply from the OP?