Thank goodness for the old PS3!

  • 5 October 2017
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Recently set up Playbase & Play 1's for home theatre setup... What a mine field!!
Should've done some research prior to purchase, but highly likely that if I'd known all the challenges before hand I would've still gone down the SONOS path to compliment existing Play 5, & Play 1 pair in other rooms in the house.

So the main challenge was of course no 5.1 from DTS Bluray discs (my player does not transcode), or Amazon prime via Fire Stick (no optical out & TV does not pass through 5.1).

Luckily the old PS3 was still hanging around unused for years... Fired up, setup audio out to transcode to 5.1 (via optical), downloaded Amazon Prime app and all appears to be good... Even automatically picked up my NAS drive which was an unexpected bonus.

Need optical switch to connect Virgin Tivo V6 box (also where I stream Netflix), PS3 & TV to avoid the manual switching of cables... Bought this HDMI switch initially, but it downgraded everything to stereo via optical out so best to avoid (also would not have solved my Blu Ray & Prime issue as transcoding via PS3 is only via optical, or so it seems) -

Pleased with the sound quality, but what a lot of mucking about!
Glad I had the PS3!

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