sync issues playing Dolby Atmos games on Xbox Series X

  • 3 December 2022
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Hi all,

I’ve seen various topics about this , all with no clear answer, so I’ll try to spell my issue out simply and clearly.

I have a Samsung Q70AA 65” tv, an Xbox Series X and a Sonos Beam gen 2.

The tv is set to allow audio pass through and to allow Dolby atmos.

The Xbox is connected via the 2.1 hdmi port. The settings are set to allow pass through and for Dolby atmos.

The Sonos Beam is connected via the e-arc port of my tv, e-arc is set to on.

Games in Dolby atmos have significant sync issues. Blu rays, tv and streaming apps do not. 

The Sonos app displays Dolby atmos when it should do. The tv dialog sync setting on the Sonos app makes no difference.

The audio delay setting on the tv makes a slight difference but games in dolby atmos are still unplayable.

I guess it’s an issue with the Series X? Has this been confirmed?

I know I could turn Dolby atmos off for games but that defeats the point of me buying a Sonos beam with Dolby atmos.


5 replies

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Do the games have an actual Dolby Atmos audio track or is the Xbox just converting the 5.1 audio to a faux version of Dolby Atmos? When gaming, if you set the HDMI Audio setting to 5.1 compressed, does the audio delay go away?

I’m using Halo Infinite to test and I’m 100% sure it has Dolby atmos.

If I change to 5.1 uncompressed the delay goes but the game is no longer in Dolby atmos.

This is the description for Halo Infinite on the Microsoft store.

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If you set the Digital Output Audio Format setting to Auto on the TV, does it make any difference?

If not, then the problem is probably related to your TV and the eARC connection. Samsung TVs with eARC are known to have issues.

If I set it to auto the delay is worse.