symfonisk frame + bookshelf

  • 26 September 2021
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I have a Beam and 2 different symfonisk speakers (the frame and bookshelf) I have all three grouped together on the all but would love the ability to change the volume of all at once with the tv remote. The Beam is the connected to the tv so currently the volume only changes on the Beam. Is there a way to bond my 2 symfonisk speakers as a pair to be used as surrounds for my Beam?

Would love an easy way to change volume at once for grouped speakers without having to use the app like using tv remote or when using the physical controls on a device. Since they’re grouped together it would be nice if the volume changes were grouped together not just in the app


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You can only bond speakers of the same series to a soundbar in a surround set up. Frame and bookshelf are different speakers….