switch between surrounds and stereo pair automatically?

  • 22 April 2021
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I have a One and One SL set up as surrounds to my Beam which work great.  I want to keep this so that the One/SL kick in with the Beam as they do now when I turn on the TV.

But I was wondering whether there is a way to have the One/SL work as a stereo pair (isolated from the Beam) when the TV is off so I can stream from my Android mobile for stereo sound, but then revert to surrounds automatically when the TV is turned on..

I know I can do this by ungrouping the One/SL as surrounds and manually set them up as a stereo pair, then changing them back to surrounds when i want to watch TV but i was hoping there was a way to set this up automatically?  Is that what Ungroup on Autoplay would do?



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3 replies

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It's been requested a number of times but nothing as yet.

You can , however, set the surrounds as “full" for music playback and you can also increase their level for music playback as well making the beam less noticeable.


Thanks Silverthorn, good tip on music volume, I’ll try that, cheers.

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I think I got use to it in the end though and just left the surrounds as default.