Surround Sound setup question with Turntable

  • 22 May 2019
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Question on my current setup before I mess things up and change settings.

I have a beam, sub and 2 5's setup in my family room. One of the 5's is connected to a turntable. I have not setup the system for surround on my TV but am considering do it. Currently when I listen to music all speakers are synced throughout the house. When i watch TV it uses the Beam and Sub.

So, if I setup a surround setup while watching TV will I be able to group all speakers together easily when listening to music and will it automatically change to the Surround Setup when I turn on the TV? Also will my turntable be easy to connect to the line in and play records as it is now?

Right now its seemless and works great. Want it to stay that way if possible. Thanks for the input!

2 replies

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I am afraid that once you set the Play5s as surrounds the line in function gets disabled. The Beam will function as central hub for the room.

Also you cannot use the Play5s in two rooms (as a stereo pair and as part of surround setup) at the same time.
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Is there an accepted setup for TV/music 5.1 with input for a turntable? I have a playbar and a SUB, and I'm unsure on the best way to add surrounds and still have some line-in for a turntable.