Surround Sound and Loss of Volume Control on Sony TV

  • 3 February 2023
  • 1 reply


I have a Sony Bravia TV and a Playbar and sub-mini. I moved two speakers from one room to the TV room as I wanted surround sound.  At that moment I lost audio control  of my TV remote.  What did I mess up?    

I tried resetting my Playbar.   Succeeded.  I tried resetting the remote ( the sonos app only asked that I press the + button for setup?).  Both attempts appear to work according to the Sonos app, but not Remote audio control.

Without using the TV, I get full surround sound.  

I thought it might be an IR conflict with my Cable TV box, but it worked before.




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1 reply

It’s not uncommon for TV updates to change the method of communication between the remote and the TV set, although I don’t recall hearing it on Sony before. 

Make sure your remote is using IR, there should be instructions in the TV’s manual on how to do so. The PLAYBAR, being connected by the one way optical connection, can’t receive commands via ARC from the TV, so it relies on getting that IR signal from the remote.