Surround sound and Line in via Sonos Amp

Hi, I have a Beam connected to my tv, a Sonos amp, 2 passive Speakers and a turntable connected to the amp. I want to use this setup as a 4.0 surround sound system for my tv and I want to use all speakers to play music from my turntable. I can configure the system to play 4.0 surround sound but than the line in disappears in the app. And I can unpair the surround speakers, create a separated room for the amp with the passive speakers and group it with the beam to play the turntables on all speakers. So I’m basically able to do all what I want to do but not without reconfiguring the hole system every time. Please help ;)


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@sammutd88 . I wish I had the knowledge and understanding of the Sonos system and software that you must have to make such comments with total confidence. Thank you for providing these insights.

Hi John,

I tell it how it is. Much of the Sonos “brains” is in software. All the products have a similar hardware interface for connectivity.  By limiting the product, it drives sales of other speakers and multiple Amps. 
You either work for Sonos, or are a massive fan, which is fine, Sonos make many good products, but people also deserve to know the facts when they’ve dropped $1000 on an Amp that does very little with all it’s inputs and outputs. Rather than an attitude of “if Sonos could I’m sure they would….”. I apologise if I offended you, but maybe it’s what Sonos need to see that people are unhappy with a product that COULD offer so much flexibility. For $1000,  requesting the Amp be able to be 2 virtual “rooms” in different configurations is not a big ask when the speakers and hardware can be connected as such. 

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Thanks for this thread you have all just saved me spending thousands on a Sonos setup. I too want to use my turntable in the same room with the same speakers that are being used as the surround speakers. Why would I want to buy more speakers for the same room to use my turntable because line in is disabled when speakers are set to surround? I can with my current amp this just sounds like a scam. Sorry Sonos you lost a brand new customer. I’ll be sure to pass this info onto anyone considering Sonos. All the best.