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  • 19 June 2017
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I currently have a Playbar, Sub and two Play 5's set up for surround sound. I also have a Play 1 in the corner of the kitchen. My living room, dining room and kitchen are all one large open space so the Play 1 in the kitchen adds extra sound which is really nice! The wall that the two Play 5's are on is about 40 feet in length. Currently I have the two Play 5's on said wall. One in the center the other in the right corner of the living room. I just ordered another Play 5 for the left corner so there will be three Play 5's equally spaced across the wall. My question is: (and it's probably a matter of preference) Would it be a good idea to move the center speaker (which is currently surround speaker left) all the way to the left and add the new speaker to the center so while watching TV you'd have surround far left and right with dialog in the center or leave the two current speakers as is and just add dialog to the left. Obviously during music playback it doesn't matter as they all function the same. Any thoughts ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!!!

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3 replies

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You can't add any new speakers to your current Playbar/SUB/Play 5 DD 5.1 set-up though you can, of course, group new speakers BUT they will have an audio delay of around 70ms compared to the Playbar/Sub/Play 5 arrangement - So for watching TV would be horrible.
As to the Play 5 surrounds you should probably try to get each Play 5 a similar distance from your listening position though Trueplay tuning may well help to make up for shortcomings in ideal positioning.
Personally I do not see much benefit in adding extra speakers to your current set-up unless you are looking to create a music (serious) listening area. In which case I would seriously consider buying another Play 1 and replacing the current Play 5 surrounds with the Play 1s (Play 5s as surrounds are considered overkill) and then placing the Play 5s where your music listening would be done - But if that is the same as your TV watching position make sure you have the audio setting in the room options set to "Full" and stick with what you have.
I plan on adding the new Play 5 as a group and slightly utilizing it for TV viewing but the main reason is to blow the roof off the house while listening to music!
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If you add a the Play 5 as a group to the Playbar the audio coming out of the single Play 5 will be BEHIND that of the Playbar. It will likely make watching TV horrible