Support request Sonos Beam

  • 4 February 2024
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My Sonos Beam soundbar is working with my Panasonic tv.
I suffer from Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) which means that no matter how much I turn up the volume, I have difficulty with speech which sounds distorted and incomprehensible. Enhanced speech mode doesn't help. My disability means the Sonos helpline is no use because I cannot participate in telephone conversations. I sent an email to Sonos support but it was bounced back.
Can anybody tell me if there is any way of linking the soundbar to my Bluetooth headphones? If so, please give full details of the type, make and model of device I need to buy, and explain how it has to be connected to the soundbar in order to enable my headphones to pair with the soundbar.
Any assistance would be much appreciated.

1 reply

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Sorry to say there’s no Sonos that sends Bluetooth to headphones. There has been talk of Sonos headphones for a while though.