• 20 November 2021
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I intend to wall mount a 85 inch Samsung Frame TV into a large room with ceiling mounted Sonos front and rear speakers at an elevation of 11.5 feet. Obviously a clean look is what I am looking for so I would like to conceal a subwoofer if you recommend it . Any recommendations on ceiling mounted subwoofer or concealment as well as equipment and distances. TV viewing area is about 12 by 12 feet at a distance of about 10 feet from tv wall.


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10 replies

Hi. Have you used ceiling speakers at the front on a surround system before? If so, did it work OK for dialogue?

So the picture will be at an elevation of roughly 0 degrees with respect to the viewer, and the sound will come from an elevation of 45+ degrees? One would guess it would be completely disassociated from the picture.

This is my first setup which is why I’m asking the question. Trying to avoid wall speakers which would defeat the clean look of the Frame TV if it does not compromise sound too much. The elevation of the TV will be approximately 6 ft. From floor over a Gas fireplace. The question is regarding sub concealment and sound quality with ceiling speakers. Thank you for constructive suggestions in advance.

If your priorities are form over function then there will be inevitable compromises. Neither the TV location (over heat source, at uncomfortable viewing angle) nor the speaker positions are in any way ideal I’m afraid.

I dare say there are third party subwoofers which could recess into a ceiling, but it would be very unwise to contemplate doing that with a Sonos Sub. It’s distinctly heavy, and needs air on at least one side -- ideally two -- for the port(s) to breathe.


By the way, which Sonos speakers were you contemplating? The only devices designed to work with TVs are the soundbars, and the Amp (plus passive speakers)

I suggest that you investigate “invisible” in-wall speakers that can flank the TV.

Thank you for constructive suggestions in advance.

I think our suggestions already are constructive, as they are intended to get you to reconsider this planned audio catastrophe.

Very useful information thank you. Thanks for the sub advice as well. No easy answer here if form is paramount. I guess I’ll have to live with two ugly rectangular grills on the wall if more effective than ceiling speakers. The ceiling speakers will therefore become music only so not sure what the ideal type of Sonos speakers would be appropriate. 

PS thanks for actually being helpful and offering constructive suggestions as well Ratty.

While Sonos does have a marketing agreement with a company called Sonance, they are not technically a Sonos speaker, and Sonos themselves do not make in-wall or in-ceiling speakers themselves, but the Sonos Amp can drive most available speakers out there. The caveat is, of course, that when using the Sonos Amp, you can’t drive a physical center speaker, and have to use an interpolated signal from the right and left speakers. I’ve never tried this myself, but haven’t seen any complaints about it, either, so I imagine it works well. 

Thank you kindly.