Sub Volume increased since 18.19

  • 19 November 2022
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I’ve had to turn my Sub (gen2) level down a couple of notches since 18.19. Anyone else hearing this? Was getting deep bass through the floor even on male voices and it was only on +2 which is normally perfect in my room. 

2 replies

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Hi @ainsley002 

It doesn’t look like any other users have noticed the same, maybe my reply to your thread will bring some activity and other users experiences.

The recent update hasn’t made any changes to the Sub or Sub Mini. If the bass is too loud now, my recommendation would be to turn down the Sub level in the Sonos app.

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Yes, thanks 😊 I did that.

I was really just posting to see if had happened to anyone else  as literally nothing else on my system changed. I think there were a few comments on this  thread along similar lines but certainly nothing conclusive.



Anyway, nothing has been broken so I’ll put it down to a glitch.