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  • 12 May 2017
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I would like to know if positioning a sonos sub not facing the listener would result in a sub-optimal listening experience.
In particular, it would be on the ground, just right of my playbar, facing on the right (on the left - which means on its back - there would be a piece of forniture with the playbar on top). The playbar and the sub would be about 4-5 meters from the listeners).
An alternative would be to have the sub facing the listener by putting it beside the playbar, but this would mean that the sub would not be on the ground but on the same piece of forniture as the playbar.
Thanks in advance for your help

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6 replies

It doesn't matter, so long as the port on at least one side of the SUB is unobstructed.
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The Sonos sub is fortunate in that you can put it almost anywhere and get good results.
My experience suggests that music listening is more sensitive to good placement of the Sub; for movie effects it probably does not matter as much because the demands for an integrated bass delivery is much less for effects.

In any case, doing Trueplay should address any minor issues caused by positioning that isn't the best for the room.
Placement, yes. I took the OP's question to be about orientation.
It seemed more of an orientation question to me. Provided you follow @ratty's advice you should get an optimal Sub listening experience not a sub-optimal listening experience.
Thanks everybody 🙂