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  • 30 September 2013
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Can you please, please, produce the Sub in white as well. Would love to add it to my system, but not in black!! Would also consider the Playbar, but only in white of course. Please be as consistent in offering a consistent visual experience as you do for the sound and easy to install experience. Really don't understand the concept of the Sonos color scheme today!

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39 replies

White subwoofer please.
White subwoofer please.
I also want to add a sub to my already existing sonos sound system - but only a white sub
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Hey folks,
there seems to be an 'official' poll for a SUB in white here:

Let's make it all happen! ;-)

Best wishes,
I am also very much interested in a WHITE SUB... 🙂 For me, white is the much more exclusive color than black...
I will immediately purchase a sub when it is released in white. Won't buy in black, as it doesn't match my existing Plays 1 and 5. I don't understand Sonos reluctance to do this.
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They even discontinued the matte black. They obviously don't want to handle multiple sku's on.
In the meantime, perhaps this cover could do?
+1 white sub please, SONOS!
I was sick wating. Bought the black box and foiled it...matt white. see results below

White Sub please
Yes please... and while your at it, make PLAYBAR in white as well! Been waiting a few years.
I was sick wating. Bought the black box and foiled it...matt white. see results below]

How... did you do that?? Plasti-dip? It looks perfect.
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Really!!? That makes me really really happy to hear!! Now if only Sonos would release a white Playbar as well... I'd be the first one to buy both of them!
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Please write to It would be great if you could request the Playbar in white too.
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Please write to mail_removed. It would be great if you could request the Playbar in white too.

How helpful to you think it is, really, if you go onto every thread on this forum and extol people to mail the CEO? You'll just come across as a bunch of toddlers pestering.
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Hello, Stuart.
Many thanks for your message. Some people have been patiently waiting for the white option for several years now. When Sonos was released in the UK, we reluctantly bought a black Playbar and Sub. We just loved the concept. As soon as the Play 1, 3 and 5 started coming up in white, we bought 2 Play 1 and 2 Play 5, hoping that we would eventually end up with a full Sonos system in white. I saw a couple of Sonos responses saying that the suggestion of supplying the Playbar and the Sub in white had been passed on to the ideas department, but nothing has happened. Nevertheless, I have had a reply advising that the Sub will be coming in white. My take on this is that if the ideas department cannot make the white Playbar happen, the order to make the white Playbar materialize must come from above. I find that so many people are just tired of black kit around them. It feels like old electronics of decades ago.
You will see that the idea of contacting the CEO does not come from me. It comes from Sonos itself (first paragraph of this link I am sure that the CEO will see that there is support for white and that sales are likely to go up when the full range of products is offered in the two colours at opposite ends of the spectrum.
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I'm well aware Sonos itself encourages customers to contact the CEO.

I'm just suggesting that YOU digging up a number of old threads and posting the same request in all of them is irritating at best and childish at worst.

And besides, if you've had a reply that the Sub IS coming in white why the campaign? [Or was that a typo on your part?]
Posting the same cut-and-paste message to multiple, long dead threads is a form of SPAM. Not as obnoxious as commercial SPAM, but it is still SPAM. We get your point, no need to annoy the populace with repetitive messages. It's like the difference between a proselytizing door knocker coming to your house once to drop off a leaflet, and coming to your house 3 times a day for a month to ask if you read the leaflet.
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Stuart W / jgatie, I get your points, but waiting for 3 years, in this day and age, is TOO LONG. If the odd customers have taken the trouble to join the Community at various points in time to enquire when the remaining star Sonos products are going to be released in white, and there is no formal reply from Sonos with definitive dates; it is time to approach the CEO. We happen to be some of those customers who have been patiently waiting for a full range in white, and we are not at all happy about the absence of a response, even if it is to say that the company does not intend to release the Playbar and Sub in white. The link that I was sent making reference to the white Sub is from CNET; where is the one from Sonos? Besides, our location is the UK, not the USA.
I cannot find a Sub or a Playbar in white in the UK market. Our local supplier could not give me any dates because he does not have any (for the Sub or the Playbar).
If there is support for white, the message needs to be conveyed as a group to the top.
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It's a white Sub for crying out loud!
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Hi Everyone.

@CHIP66 Welcome to the community.

We are very well aware of the demanded for a white SUB. I must admit the picture of the modded white SUB above looks great. I wouldn't mind having one myself.
That being said, we don't have an official details we can share right now on the white Sonos SUB but stay tuned. But you can be sure when we have news we'll post it on the community.

On a side note. We understand you want to be heard but copying & pasting the same message in multiple threads is considered as SPAM. We may have to start removing comments if this continues.
Sonos rarely ((basically never) gives definitive dates for anything, especially hardware changes. So even if you reach the CEO (or whatever intern is assigned to cut-and-paste standard replies into his public e-mail account), you are probably not going to get a definitive answer on the release of a white Playbar or Sub. If I were you, I would assume it isn't coming and make other plans.

And by the way, stating that "but waiting for 3 years, in this day and age, is TOO LONG" for something which has never even been hinted at, never mind announced, is a little disingenuous. Sonos can hardly be held to blame for not meeting some perceived deadline it never even announced, for a product it never promised to build, right?

But none of this takes away from the fact that reposting the same message to long dead threads is annoying SPAM.
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The most immediate definitions of “spam” that I found are…
1. “irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the Internet, typically to large numbers of users, for the purposes of advertising, phishing, spreading malware, etc.”
2. “send the same message indiscriminately to (a large numbers of Internet users).”
As a “novice”, I only joined this Sonos Community with the aim of promoting the idea of producing the full range of Sonos products in white. This is just what I would like to see in my home, rather than the incongruous black Playbar and Sub staring me in the face. What I posted was my reply. It is the course of action that I took since most of the threads reveal that customers who are prepared to purchase a white Playbar and/or Sub are being ignored by Sonos because there is no concerted effort. I was not advertising, phishing, spreading malware, etc. Neither was I sending my reply indiscriminately to the whole community. I was very selective and posted my reply strictly under threads that were started by other customers, who, like us, await confirmation as to whether the white Sub and/or Playbar are in the pipeline or not.
Any messages that the Sonos CEO receives respectfully advocating the production of the full range in white should not be taken as spam either because each customer will convey his/her personal views. A wise CEO listens (reads, in this case).
I do apologize if any of you feel that I have committed a cardinal sin in the Sonos world. What I do appreciate is that there are different perceptions or points of view on spamming, and I respect those in the same manner in which I expect my views to be respected. We are all entitled to express our opinions.
This has been a good exercise to get a good measure of Sonos. So the CNET news about the white Sub is not true, and Sonos rarely gives definitive dates for anything. Of course, Sonos has not said anything about a white Playbar or Sub, but – in all honesty – what is the point of the black or white options for the Play 1, 3 and 5 only, leaving those who went for white hanging on for the full range to be offered in that colour? We have had visitors who have asked us to let them know when Sonos releases all its products in white. As appealing as the Sonos concept is, there are people out there who will not buy it in black, or accommodate the concept with a mismatch in looks.
Sonos can rest assured that our family group will be watching with the same interest what Sonos and the competition can offer.
Please do not delay your company announcements for long. People can lose faith very quickly.
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No spoilers here 🆒

A White SUB is coming soon. As Max said, we'll let you know when we can share more.