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I just got a sub to pair with my Sonos amp and 4 ceiling speakers that are non Sonos. I am wondering what I should set the crossover frequency at? Sub is under my tv in a larger living room. Also any preference in laying the sub down or standing it up?


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Crossover is probably better set to your ear than anyone telling you a particular frequency….although I don’t remember setting one, but then again I’ve not got a SUB attached to an Amp, but instead an Arc.

I’ve done the SUB both standing, and laying down. Given that there’s enough space to have it standing, and not pushed up against a wall/couch/surface, I tend to like standing. 

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As said, by ear for the final setting is usually your best bet.

If you want a starting spot look at the frequency response curves of your ceiling speakers and start where they begin to fall off.

These may help.