starting home theatre stops playback in other groups

  • 25 November 2023
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Our home theatre group is comprised of an ARC SL with ARC  connection to an LG OLED, a Sub Gen 3, and two Play 1s as surrounds.  Other groups elsewhere in the house are comprised of several One SLs and one first gen Symfonisk. There is a Boost wired to the Verizon Fios router. The problem is, if the HT group is not playing while other groups are, turning on the HT stops playback in the other groups on network. It’s annoying…Any way to fix this?


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2 replies

Seems strange, I can be listening to Sonos Radio on a stereo pair of One SL’s in the Kitchen. I can play Amazon Music on a stereo pair of Moves in the main bedroom and when I switch on the LG TV/Arc Home Theatre in the main living room everything else continues streaming their audio and the TV/Arc works just fine.

Might your issue perhaps be limited bandwidth from your internet service provider? What is your download/upload speeds?

Maybe also check your router is using fixed ‘non-overlapping wireless channels and not too much channel-width. Perhaps also see this Sonos support document to try to eliminate any potential wireless network interference:

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Could also be some networking confusion, power down all Sonos, reboot the router and power the Sonos back up and see if anything changes.