Spotify on Sonos in South Africa

  • 15 March 2015
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5 replies

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Hi Andrew,

I doubt Sonos will respond aside from "this is not supported".

if Spotify isn't officially launched in South Africa you would need to modify your network / router to connect through a U.S. based carrier. This requires a bit work and some patience, and most likely violates the Spotify license agreement, ergo it is not endorsed 

Example of a VPN/Router setup
Thanks for your reply Bernard. I used Tunnelbear to register my spotify account which i subscribe to through the UK. All is good on the Spotify front

The problem I have is that Sonos doesn't give me the option to stream Spotify. Would your suggested solution still be applicable?
Have you added the music service Spotify to Sonos?
i'm in exactly the same situation Andrew. Live in Cape Town and used Tunnelbear to set up Spotify account which works great but don't have the option in Sonos Music Services to add Spotify account....Please let me know if you find away around this?
What did the trick for me was to register the speakers/the sonos account in the same country as the spotify premium account. Then reinstall all apps and do a factory reset on the speakers (so setup your entire sonos wifi system once again) and spotify will appear on the list of streaming services.