Soundbar + Play 1 & 3s for multiroom TV sound?

  • 12 October 2016
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Hi y'all, new to Sonos and buying a new home, so appreciate the help here. I am looking to add a system so I can improve sound on TV plus be able to hear TV in other rooms; kitchen, living room and dining room; especially during sporting events. If I install a Playbar to my TV, and then put a Play:1 or Play:3 in the kitchen, living room and dining room, will I be able to hear the TV in those other rooms? Do I need any other equipment other than a Playbar and Play1/3s for each room in order to do this? Thanks for guidance!

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6 replies

For a stable wireless signal, one Sonos unit needs to be ethernet wired to your WiFi router, and you also need a stable WiFI environment for Sonos to work in the home. If wiring none of the above mentioned units is convenient, you will need a Sonos Boost that will then be wired to the router instead.

Subject to that, the answer to your question is no, you do not need any other equipment to do what you want to be able to do. The TV needs to be compatible with the Playbar, so you might want to make sure of that.
Awesome thanks. So any of the Play:1 or Play:3 speakers could be wired to the Ethernet and that would work - doesn't necessarily need to be the Playba hooked up to the Ethernet? And once everything is working, the app would let me choose the TV audio signal for any or all Sonos speakers in the house? Sorry if these are obvious answers, I tried to do some research but wasn't sure.
Yes, any of the units could be the wired unit, doesn't matter which. And yes, the app would allow you to group together the speakers you want to play the TV sound through. All or any. With volume controls for each as well one for the group.
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Welcome to Sonos! I’m sure you’ll be quite pleased!!

You’ve received some great advice to get you started. I have a few more things to add that may come in handy and prevent unwarranted frustration going forward; as sales people don’t always know or tell all for that matter.

1. The Playbar will learn commands from an IR remote. If your TV comes with a Blaster it will also learn commands from an RF remote (although RF remotes for TV’s are rare). You can also view a work-a-round for sets that have BT remotes or are just a pain to deal with – Click the link and scroll down to my posts which are in the last 3:
2. When playing music through the Playbar be sure to turn its volume down before you start playback to prevent shattering your ear drums and/or damaging the Playbar speakers. The volume is always higher for TV broadcasts.
3. If planning to setup Playbar for surround in the future (i.e. add Play 1’s or 3’s for rears and Sub) make sure your TV will pass DD-5.1 over optical as not all sets will. It’s not a deal breaker (for some) it’s just that without DD-5.1 you’ll get more of a phantom sound effect versus actual surround.

1. The remote used to control volume of the Playbar will control the volume of speakers BONDED to it (i.e. sub and surrounds)
2. The remote will not control the volume of speakers GROUPED with it. You’ll have to use the Sonos Controller App.

Play 1 and Play 3
1. Both are great speakers. Audition both to decide which will work better given a particular room size/design.
2. The Play 1 is basically a mono speaker unless you use two and create a stereo pair.
3. The Play 3 is a stereo speaker and will sound as such to about 3 feet (1 meter) in horizontal position. In vertical positon it becomes mono.
4. Two Play 3’s in either horizontal or vertical position will create a stereo pair. The latter producing a more focused (i.e. narrower) sweet spot.

Grouping Zones (Speakers)
1. Unlimited combinations

1 Can be added at any time to a Playbar
2 Best used with a stereo pair of Play 1’s or Play 3.

Play 5
1. The ultimate speaker in the Sonos line-up.
2. Stereo in horizontal position (has same limitations/capabilities as Play 3 in vertical position)
3. Fantastic lows / mids / highs
4. Line-in can be used with any 3rd party device with a Line-out including TV's (3mm to 3mm or RCA to 3mm) *
5 Outstanding --- as a Stereo pair!

* Some may require the use of a Sonos Connect or Sonos Connect: Amp

That's all I have. Post back if you have more questions as I'm sure Kumar, other Community members and I will be glad to assist.

Outstanding help guys, thank you very much. Only left to do now is do some shopping!!
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Outstanding help guys, thank you very much. Only left to do now is do some shopping!!

That's great....glad we could help. One more thing...

Sonos has tuning software called TruePlay. It only works with an iOS (Apple) device. It is used to compensate for room acoustics to get the best sound possible from your Sonos speakers. You must still use conventional wisdom regarding speaker positioning as it is not a "silver bullet". The results can be improvements, neutral or in rare cases worsening (as Kumar mentioned in another post; it may make bass - low-end - response too "flat" for some). Click the link for more information:

FYI, Trueplay does not work with the Playbar.