Soundbar lost sound from TV

  • 28 March 2017
  • 4 replies

My TV stopped playing through my play bar yesterday. I've tried unplugging TV and soundbar but that didnt work. I have a red light on my optical cable and sound bar works with other sources like radio etc. My diagnostic #7231957 please help!!

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4 replies

Forgot to mention, my TVs is Sony Bravia 55XD8599
While you wait for a Sonos rep to take a look at that diagnostic (and thanks for posting that!), I've got a couple of suggestions beyond the intelligent stuff you've already done.

Check the audio settings on the TV. It's possible that there was something (background update? Power surge? Cat playing with remote?) that may have changed the audio settings for the TV. Make sure it's not passing anything more than Dolby Digital out of the optical cable. While you're at it, check to make sure that the cable is fully seated in the back of the TV, even though there's light, it may not be the full bandwidth necessary.

Also, once you've checked the TV's audio settings, take a look at the audio settings for each device that you have connected to the TV, and lock those down to Dolby Digital as well. I'm not particularly familiar with that Sony, but many TVs don't have the "smarts" build in to change the stream of sound data that they receive to something different (be it higher, or lower), most of them just accept and pass through (or not pass through!).

That might help. You've done a lot of the hard stuff already. So this will give you 10 minutes of effort while we wait for the friendly folks at Sonos to look at your diagnostic.
Thanks Airgetlam, somehow after a two days of not being able to run Sonos bar f on my TV today out of nowhere it decided to start working and now everything is running as usual. I haven't changed any TV or Sonos settings in the meantime and as far as I am aware no new updates were installed on any of them in the meantime, so apparently I just used a 'self healing' powers of Sonos and Sony to repair their relationship.

Thank you
I'm impressed (and baffled, too). Next time I have an issue with electronics at my home, would you come over and use those "healing powers" that you speak of?

Glad it's working 🙂