Sound not working ALWAYS for youtube

  • 15 September 2017
  • 3 replies

I have a 2017 4K Samsung 75" inch television installed last week by geek squad. The TV sound output is channeled from TV to Samsung OneConnect using ARC cable (I believe). The optical cable carries the sound output from the OneConnect switch to the Sonos Soundbar. Sound works great for other streaming apps, xbox etc. However, when I stream youtube content on the youtube app in my television, the sound does not play always reliably. Sometimes it plays well and sometime it does not. I am aware that one can't stream youtube from phone on sonos, but that I am simply directing youtube playing on smartTV into playbar and 5.1 set up (2 play 1s and a sub). How can I fix this problem? Given it is happening only with the youtube app, I am wondering if there is a setting that I need to account for?

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3 replies

Additional clarification. It is not just the YouTube app, the Bloomberg app on Samsung also does not give output via the optical cable attached to Samsung connect. It has to be the sound format delivered by each app. Is there is special optical cable?
I'm having the exact same problem as you. This was working fine until last night when Sonos did an upgrade. Now the sound is not working when I stream YouTube videos. I've tried everything.