Sound issues w/UHD discs on Beam


I have an LG UN9000 tv with a Panasonic UB150 4k player and the Beam (Gen 2).  Lately I’ve been noticing that when playing a 4k disc w/Dolby Atmos sound, at certain points of the movie the sound will cut out for a second or two before picking back up.  It seems to happen when a loud piece of action happens in the movie.  For instance, I was watching “War of the Worlds” the other night and when the first tripod comes out of the ground and crushes the car that Tom Cruise is hiding behind, the sound cuts out completely and the blu ray player resets.  It only seems to happen during Atmos playback and I’ve tried a firmware update on the player to no avail.  

Has anyone had a similar issue?  I’d love to fix this as it’s incredibly annoying as I try to enjoy Atmos audio.  

Thanks in advance for anything to help! 


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“the blu-ray player resets” - um, get a new player. Sonos can’t make an external device reset, that’s all on the player.


Well, I should clarify, it doesn’t reset on the regular.  It just did it at that particular scene during War of the Worlds, not during playback of any other disc.  

I think I was just curious if there was some sound setting I was missing either on the player or within the Sonos app. 


So, your Blu-ray player is resetting. I note you’ve checked for a firmware update, which would be my first instinct. Have you contacted LG? As stated by @controlav , Sonos doesn’t have the ability to force a source to reset in any way, it just plays whatever it is handed. That doesn’t change based on signal type, either.