SONY XBR 850D TV will not release the ARC port if I switch to TV speakers

  • 18 January 2022
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I have an XBR TV ARC port connected to a SONOS AMP with speakers above the bed.

Occasionally, I want to switch to the TV speakers instead of the Overhead speakers driven by the SONOS AMP.  When I open TV settings and switch to TV speakers, it does not switch.

Even if I turn off auto playback on the sonos app, TV won’t switch back to TV speakers. 

in fact the TV insists on sticking with the ARC channel and I get no sound at all out of either locations.

If I disconnect the HDMI cable out of the ARC port, the TV switches input. 

any thought ideas on this? 


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4 replies

I thinks it’s a problem with the TV, you should contact Sony.

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What happens when you turn of Bravia Sync (HDMI-CEC)?

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Bravia sync is already off, Nothing; doesn’t matter on or off

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if I pull the HDMI cable the TV switches to TV speakers.  but ONCE the HDMI cable from the SONOS amp is plugged in to the ARC TV ARC port, I can no longer switch to TV speakers. even id I manually select TV switches for a few seconds, THEN automatically switches back to external speakers.   I have checked with SONY support they don’t have any explanation for the behavior.  this is maddening.