Sony KDL60W630B/2 and Sonos 5.1

  • 16 January 2017
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I currently have the 5.1 home theater system connected to a Samsung. I only use it to watch blue ray movies and cable via DirectTV. The Samsung does not pass 5.1 audio, so I got the Monoprice 4X1 HDMI device. Both the DirectTV cable box and the blue ray player are connected to the Monoprice via HDMI. The Monoprice output line goes to the TV and the digital optic output line from the Monoprice goes directly to the Sonos playbar. I get 5.1 when watching movies and when watching HD channels via DirectTV such as college/pro football. I was just planning on doing the same exact setup with my new 60-inch Sony KDL60W630B/2 until I realized that the Sony can pass through 5.1. I just want to make sure I am correctly conceptualizing this before I set up the system: with the new Sony I can directly attach the blue ray player and cable box to the TV via HDMI and run the digital optic cable from the TV to the playbar. I should get 5.1 when watching blue rays and cable tv (on HD channels) with this set up, right? Should I be concerned about any potential audio lag with this set up? Thanks in advance.

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4 replies

Yes, I think you're conceptualizing it correctly. No, I don't think you need to worry about any potential audio lag. No, I don't own once of those Sony TVs. I've had a couple of older ones several years ago, and had no issues with my Playbars.

You could still leave the setup the way it is currently, too, with everything connected to the Monoprice device, if you're even remotely concerned. It should work either way.
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Just an update in case anyone runs into this in the future. I set up my new Sony tv the same way I had the Samsung set up and I had to turn on "ARC" on the monoprice to get sound out of the Sonos system. It was stereo and I could not get 5.1 out of it. I then ran everything through the Sony tv (the monoprice was completely disconnected) with the tv sending the digital optical line to the playbar and I immediately got 5.1 when watching cable tv and blue ray movies.
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I had a similar situation but I am suffering through audio lag. I went from an old Panasonic Plasma and had no issues when I routed everything through the mono price to force the 5.1 Dolby Surround. But ever since I upgraded the TV to a Sony Bravia (model XBR-65X850D) and ran everything directly through the TV without the mono price, I have a lip sync error. The video is just slightly ahead of the audio. Unfortunately I tossed my mono price 4 x1 so I'll have to buy another one to fix.
I’m thinking of buying the Sony XBR65A1E OLED TV. Will this be able to pass DD5.1?