Sony KD-65A1 TV and Sonos Arc

  • 1 June 2022
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Until recently my Sony KD-65A1 TV and Sonos Arc have worked perfectly since I purchased the Arc over 12 months ago. The Sonos Arc is connected to the TV via HDMI/ARC. Recently the TV sound on the Arc has been dropping out after using one of the TV Android Apps such as YouTube. Even when I close the App and go back to TV there is no sound. Once the sound has dropped out the only way to get the TV sound back on the Arc is to disconnect the power or HDMI so the sound switches to the in-built TV speakers and then reconnect the Arc when the sound is then redirected back through the Arc. I have tried all combinations of settings to try and resolve the problem without success. The Sonos App does not show the type of signal from the TV when there is no sound (blank instead of the usual Dolby Digital 2.0, Stereo PCM, etc.) so I think the Arc has stopped processing the sound from the TV HDMI. Both TV and Arc have latest software and I wonder if the issue is as a result of a recent software update? Any advice would be much appreciated.


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Try this:

Disconnect everything from the TV including the Arc. Unplug the TV and Arc from power for a couple of minutes. Plug the TV and Arc back in but keep everything disconnected. Make sure Bravia Sync (CEC) is enabled on your TV. Run TV Setup under the Arc’s settings in the Sonos app and follow the instructions. When the app instructs you, connect the Arc to the TV’s HDMI ARC port using the Sonos-supplied HDMI cable. When the Arc has been successfully connected, connect any other device to the TV.

Thanks for your suggestion. I will try this.

Thanks @GuitarSuperstar. I tried this and so far it has worked and I have experienced no further problems.