Sony Bravia and sound dropout issues

  • 17 October 2016
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I just purchased the Sony Bravia XBR-65X850D and hooked it up to my exisiting 5.1 Sonos Surround sound that I was using with my previous TV. I have two play 3s I'm using as the the rears, the playbar for my fronts and center, and the sonos sub.

But I'm getting sound drop outs. It doesn't matter if I'm watching live, on demand, or a recorded show on my DVR- the sound will just cutout for a second or two and keep doing that intermittently throughout the show. It may happen five or six times during the duration of an hour long show. It's not too too bad but it does get kind of annoying. And it didn't do this on my last TV. Anyway to fix this?

Thanks, G

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27 replies

Hey folks,

Adjust the settings on the Sony TV as follows:


  • Turning on IP Simple Control
    1. Open Settings
    2. Go to Network and Internet
    3. Go to Home network
    4. Go to IP control
    5. Go to Simple IP control
    6. Toggle On
  • Setting RS232C Control to "Via Serial Port"
    1. Open Settings
    2. Go to Remotes and Accessories
    3. Go to RS232C Control
    4. Set it to "Via Serial Port"

I can’t believe it, but this worked for me. The only thing that changed was the audio sync was a little off, but the adjustments in the app fixed it no problem

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On Sony Android TVs, it is easy to fix sound sync issues for sonos devices over HDMI ARC. In the settings menu, go to ‘sound’, and set AV sync to on. (If it already was set to on, move it to off then on again). This procedure forces an AV sync handshake, which solves any audio sync issues (at least in my experience).