Sony A80k OLED with Apple TV 4k and Playbase/Beam

  • 30 October 2023
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I have just bought 2 A80k Sony TVs (XR-65A80K and XR55A80K). Both are set up in identical fashion with Apple TV input to HDMI 1 and an optical cable to the Playbase/beam. The Apple TV remote and the Sony remote both change volume when the Sonos is not connected, and when the Sonos is connected, the volume indicator shows as going up or down with the remotes, but no change in volume on the Sonos. We do not use the TVs for channels. We only watch content through the Apple TV.

It is as though the volume settings on the tv are not being recognised by the Sonos equipment. Very frustrating to see the volume indicator moving, but no change in volume. The Sonos app changes the volume fine. The Apple Remote is no longer recognised by the Sonos, and the Sony remote is Bluetooth. So the question is does anyone have an idea how to make this work. I have tried resetting the remote (input/down for 5 secs), tried resetting the TV and setting up from scratch, and tried setting up the Sonos from scratch.

Any ideas gratefully received.


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Hi @kelvdon

When you connect soundbar via the optical adaptor or an optical cable, the remote will require you to set it up to control your Home Theatre devices before Sonos recognizes it.

When using optical, only Infra-red (IR) remotes will work without additional setup. If your remote uses Bluetooth or radio frequency (RF), then it may not work with Sonos or may require additional configuration before working. I would recommend checking out our article regarding TV remote requirements for more information.

If the Sony remote is Bluetooth only and can’t be changed, then you wont be able to use that. However, we have an article for setting up an Apple TV remote to work with Sonos, so I would suggest you follow that article to get your Apple TV remote working again.

I hope this information helps!


Hi @Jamie A 

Thanks for the reply. I have tried to set up the Apple TV remote several times. I have followed the steps and for some reason the Apple TV remote is not recognized. I understand I am not able to use the TV remote as it is Bluetooth. 

I have used the Apple TV with my previous TV (LG C9 OLED) and it worked fine. I was wondering why it may not be working with the Sony. 

I guess I reset the Apple TV and instigate the setup with the Sony again and reset the ATV remote. 


Hi everyone

First thanks to @Jamie A for replying. I found an answer on other areas of the forum which worked. 

Go to Apple TV settings, remotes and devices and Volume control. Then change from auto to control TV via IR. Pair remote with Sonos normally through Sonos app.